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How The Forty Rules of Love taught me a lot about reviewing books.

This might become a post on how to review books, hang on tight!

A couple of years ago I started reviewing books on Instagram. I never did a full fledged detailed review. Mostly bite sized reviews that fit an Instagram caption which didn’t really have a set format.


My primary goal was to review books without giving anything away. No spoilers, no reveals. Just purely what I felt about the pace, characters, plot and feel of the book. Enough to make the readers decide for themselves if they’d like to pick a book. This still has not changed.

Over time, I graduated to a simpler format for my reviews. I start with my thoughts on the book, writing, plot etc. and end with listing things I liked and things I didn’t really like. This seems to work best for me, I’ve had comments on ‘negative’ book reviews where readers have been intrigued by the book, despite the negative review.

I have no authority over literature of any kind and that’s another thing I’m careful about while writing a review – to make sure I don’t sound authoritative about a book, a genre or a subject.

In case you’re interested, my reviews are here

img_2217A few reviews after my first, I read a book which I really disliked and wouldn’t recommend to anyone I knew unless they like to read books on the subject. This was The forty rules of love by Elif Shafak. I will not get into why I didn’t like it, let’s just say I was in a pickle on how to write the review without sounding hateful.

So I tried, and I think I did a decent job in pushing forward my thoughts on the book. This was when I did not have many followers, probably somewhere around 1000 and the response was really good. I think the comments section had 100+ comments which was unthinkable for me at that level.

Funny thing was, a lot of people said they liked my ‘honest’ review. I didn’t think much of it but over time I found that some bookstagrammers (especially bigger ones) stay away from posting negative reviews because they want their pages to only have positive content (I respect that) but later I also found that a lot of people get hate over writing negative reviews from readers who love that negatively reviewed book. This can be really problematic for reviewers and in my view it’s best to stay away if you can’t handle online hate (it can be tough, trolls online sometimes forget there is a real person behind an account and they keep knocking for months and stalk every single word you post, it’s a serious problem)

Recently one of my friends who is white was bullied into deleting a review of a book written by a POC. Since their following is quite high, they deleted it because of fear of backlash from people. Unfortunate, but this is life I guess.

Fortunately I have a very thick skin and I can take a hit or two (trust me, I get hate in all shapes and forms mainly because I say what I feel and seldom sugar coat things)

Anyways, over time, I started receiving books from publishers. I remember I had received and didn’t like the first book sent by a major publishing house. I made sure I reviewed the book like I would review any other book and gave it 2 stars on goodreads. I know it can be daunting to stay honest, especially when you’re dealing with publishers and generally would hope to be on their reviewers list. Trust me, your negative review on a book will not effect your relationship with the publisher (and if it does, stay true to yourself and write what you feel). I have spoken to publishers about this as well, and for them reviews matter, they don’t want reviewers to just give positive reviews because of a free book. (And again, if they do, you’re better off staying away from such publishers)

Over the next months I reviewed a lot of other books I didn’t like and I think one positive effect this has had is my reviews are expected to be honest and straight forward whether it’s a book I’ve picked myself or a book sent by a major publishing house.

Another thing that I do is I do not DNF books. I’ve realized if I do not like a book and review it, it makes for great conversation and enhances my learning of literature. There is a possibility I missed out on some things while reading it and it gives me a chance to grow.

So that’s it, some of my thoughts on reviewing books, maybe they will help you in developing your own reviewing style. If you have tips to share, please leave in the comments below. We could use insights from everyone 🙂

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Happy Reading!!


29 thoughts on “How The Forty Rules of Love taught me a lot about reviewing books.”

  1. I honestly don’t DNF a lot of books, but if it’s absolutely painful for me to keep reading, I will move on. I tend not to do full reviews of those titles, simply provide my reasons for not continuing. I haven’t done much in the way of reviewing books on Instagram, my main review spot is my blog, but I think adding the reasons why you loved a book is a great way to get some additional interaction on a book rec post.

    Great post!!

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  2. I have read reviews of other bookstagrammers. And over time I have realised people go by herd mentality. If majority of people or bigger accounts like a book, the reviewer will claim to like it. But in the review, u find no originality of thought or what they exactly took from the book.

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  3. Thank you for your honest reviews and love the fact that you don’t sugarcoat stuff. There are a lot of people who post misleading reviews just because they’ve been sent the book, sad!

    Love the post!

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  4. I just got started on my reviews journey and luckily since then I haven’t disliked a book to that extent. However I have been in a dilemma and been thinking a lot about how I would go about a negative review. But reading this has actually helped me sort some of my thoughts about this issue. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Thanks for the post. I like it.
    You have said the exact thing going in my mind. I am really worried to post a review when I don’t like a book. But people are different, their likes and dislikes vary. I am new to this field, but I really think giving honest reviews is the duty of a reviewer. After all, reviewers are needed for precisely this thing- to know whether or not other people will like it. If everybody is giving only good rating and positive comments, it will be of no help.

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  6. I’m always honest with my reviews and sometimes I definitely just let go and trash a book. Usually they’ve got a huge fan base and I’m in the minority. If it’s a book I requested for review and just didn’t enjoy, I do my best to be polite. Fortunately I’ve never had any hate when I have gone on a rant but I suspect that’s because of my small following (or maybe people who like the books stop reading when they figure out I don’t)

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  7. I’m definitely here for the honest/unpopular reviews! I’m also a huge DNFer. Thanks for explaining your process. I’m getting better at explaining why I didn’t like/hated a book. It’s not easy!


  8. Completely agree. I cannot fathom why people would be worried about upsetting others by writing a negative review on books people have enjoyed. Everybody agreeing is boring anyway, isn’t the whole point to discuss and debate?

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  9. Thanks for this post. I really enjoyed it. The thing I like about your posts is the humility with which you express your views 😊

    I’ve recently started reviewing books on Instagram and my first negative review of a really popular book (The Idiot, Elif Bauman- shortlisted for the Women’s Prize) was difficult for me too. Since I don’t have a following at the moment, for me it wasn’t the concern about receiving online hate or publishers getting upset (I haven’t worked with any publishers as yet). I was somewhat embarrassed that maybe I just didn’t get it. So I guess it was the fear of appearing to be stupid that bothered me! Lol. In the end I still posted that review though.

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      1. I used to follow you madly enough to make true assumptions in that competition kind of thing you conducted. Lol but i no longer use insta. Nvm! I ended up ordering ssential rumi instead. Please post here more! We count on you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There was this post where you asked people to assume things! I followed your bookstagram like a fan enough to judge the person behind it.(No matter how lowkey judgement) I had this username called priyankastagram. You might find it in the crowd and got the shoutout that day.

        Doesn’t matter though. Was just pulling you out of unnecessary labyrinth!

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