Chapter 6: Pakistan. The Traveling Biblio Chronicles.

Chapter 6 is being taken over by Sarah Wazir from Pakistan.

Sarah has chosen a book which has influenced her feelings for Pakistan and I’m really happy that she’s taken time off to recommend us this book which I’m pretty sure will intrigue you as a reader. Also, I’d like to thank her for sharing a little of her personal story as well. I’m definitely adding this to my shopping cart!

You can find and connect with Sarah on Instagram @bookgirlingmoments

257B45C8-D0E8-4910-81FB-59CB91CB7302.jpeg“Ever seen a bullet smashed windscreen? The hole at the centre throws a sharp clean web around itself and becomes crowded with tiny crystals. That’s the metaphor for my world, this city: broken, beautiful and born of tremendous violence.”

I’d never heard of this writer, Bilal Tanweer, before or his books. I just got his book, The Scatter Here Is Too Great, on a whim and also because it was on sale at the bookstore.

What I ended up having was an unexpectedly eye opening experience. I’ve always had a fondness for my country Pakistan but I grew up all my life in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I had only visited my country a few times and while I loved it, I never embraced it as my home.

Until recently – when I moved here to Pakistan almost 2 years ago. It’s complicated how I 43599BFE-260E-4D32-974E-7340E4F2AEC2.jpegfeel about my country now. It’s a love-hate sort of relationship and if we were a couple, we’d be the on and off type of couple.

There are various reasons and factors that are responsible for how I view Pakistan but Bilal Tanweer’s book is one of those bigger, more influential factors. It was as if everything I’d ever felt regarding my country, he managed to put into words in the most poetic and mesmerising of ways.

In the book, there are several characters that are basically scattered around the city of Karachi. They don’t really have a connection to one another in terms of relationships but they’re connected with the fact that they are a part of the city as much as it is a part of them.

1572E3FF-0B46-4BE9-B79B-7BB396476E1D.jpegThe characters range from an old communist poet, a wealthy middle aged businessman, an ambulance driver, a heartbroken girlfriend, a solitary writer struggling to find words. And all these people and all their struggles and fights connect together to create a striking portrait of a vibrant but violent city.

This book is also often called a love letter written to Karachi, and despite the heartbreak and all that the city might take from you, it also gives something back. So there is value in being broken.

There are moments in this book that have hit me the hardest and it goes without mentioning, that yes, I have shed tears while reading it. And I would recommend this book to everyone, related or not to Pakistan, or even curious about the country. It’s a really deep book with metaphors and quotes that’ll keep you wondering about it, even 8A2F9ED0-E22B-4F70-973A-3276A0C142C5.jpegafter the book is over.

So that’s it for me. I really hope you enjoyed my piece and I hope that I was able to do justice to one of my most profound reads. You can also find me at: @bookgirlingmoments

And I’m so happy to have had the chance to participate in Faroukh’s blog segment, The Traveling Biblio Chronicles. Love the initiative.


Thank you Sarah for the beautiful review!

For a direct affiliate link if you’d like to order The scatter here is too great via bookdepository, click here

And here’s another Beautiful picture Sarah shared with us…


This was Chapter 6 of the traveling biblio chornicles by Sarah Wazir!
This book travel series will continue next week when our next guest takes us on a little bookish journey to a new place!
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